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Attention, attention, Lahti on air! Tune yourself to the frequency of exciting audio-visual history at the Radio and TV Museum.

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Radiomäenkatu 37

Temporary customer parking

The Radiomäki parking area will be closed due to the renovation work on Radiomäenkadu from April 22 to June 14, 2024. Temporary parking is available for museum customers in the Mastola courtyard area (marked yellow).

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Camera – action! Activities in the museum

Radio and TV Museum Mastola offers many fun activities for learning about radio and television. The activities are for children and adults alike.

Nuori nainen kuuntelee laulua vanhasta puhelimesta.

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Can I take photographs? What are the language options? Here you can find everything you need to know about your museum visit.

Arrival and accessibility

Everyone is welcome to our museum! Mastola is located on Radiomäki, at the bottom of the 150-metre-high radio towers.


Nuori nainen kuuntelee laulua vanhasta puhelimesta.
How did television triumph in Finland in the 1950s? How were television programmes made before…
Näkymä Lahden Radioaseman historiaa -näyttelystä.
The red and white radio towers that characterise the silhouette of the city tell us…

Collections of Radio and TV Museum Mastola

The mission of the Radio and TV Museum is to collect, preserve, analyse and exhibit items and traditions related to radio and television activities, and it operates as the national museum in this field.

The main categories of exhibits are radio and TV sets, objects associated with broadcasting and studio technology, radio amateur and DX listening equipment, household audio recording devices, radio tubes and telephone equipment.

Museum Shop

The museum shop of Radio and TV Museum Mastola sells fun and exciting presents. The shop is an excellent place to buy presents or find decorations for any party!